202 - 212 Seeley Street Owners, Inc.

202 Seeley Street

Brooklyn, NY 11218

202 Seeley Street is located in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. The building was built in 1931 and has 42 units and 6 stories. 

202 - 212 Seeley Street Owners - Sale
202 - 212 Seeley Street Owners - Sublease
Property Contacts Ebmg 250px take2


Bank Questionnaire

Questionnaire - EBMG.pdf $200.00 01/04/18

Building Financials

2014 Financials - 202-212 Seeley.pdf $50.00 01/04/18
2015 Financials - 202-212 Seeley.pdf $50.00 01/04/18
2016 Financials - 202-212 Seeley.pdf $50.00 01/04/18
2017 Financial Statement $50.00 08/02/18

Building Offering Plans & Amendments

Offering Plan and A1-36 - 202-212 Seeley.pdf $200.00 01/18/18


By laws - 202-212 Seeley.pdf $50.00 01/04/18

Fire Safety Plan

Fire Safety Plan - 202-212 Seeley.pdf Free 01/04/18

House Rules

House Rules - 202-212 Seeley.pdf Free 01/04/18

Proprietary Lease Form

Proprietary Lease Form - 202-212 Seeley.pdf $50.00 01/04/18

Special Amenities

Bike Storage

On Site Services

Live-in Super


Cats Only
Building Fees

Co-Op Sale

Payor Building Fees Amount Due Upon
Buyer Application Processing Fee $450 Submission
Buyer Credit Check Fee $100 Per Person Submission
Buyer If financing, lender requires completion of a coop questionnaire $200 Submission
Buyer Move In Deposit $500 Closing
Buyer Recognition Agreements Handling Fee $300 Closing
Seller Administrative Fee $600 (additional $300 if closing is out of office) Closing
Seller Flip Tax Resale purchase price minus the original purchase price, seller’s attorney fee (up to $1,000 credit), New York City transfer tax, New York State transfer a tax and brokerage fee multiplied by 5% of the net profit. Closing
Seller Maintenance Must be paid up to date at closing Closing
Seller Move Out Deposit $500 Closing

Co-Op Sublet

Payor Building Fees Amount Due Upon
Subtenant Application Fee $300 Submission
Subtenant Credit Report $100 Per Person Submission
Subtenant Move In Deposit $500 Submission


Payor Building Fees Amount Due Upon
Buyer Credit Check Processing $100 per person Submission
Buyer Questionnaires (if required) $200 Submission
Buyer Recognition Agreements Handling and Processing $350 Submission
BoardPackager Processing

All Building Applications

Payor Fees Amount Due Upon
Initiator Package Initiation Fee $50 Agent
$50 Attorney
$100 Applicant
$100 Owner
Applicant Digital Submission $45 Submission
All Users Paying Building Fees Credit Card Processing 5% of Total
Fees (excluding
$45 Digital

All Document Purchases

Payor Fees Amount Due Upon
All Users Paying Building Fees Credit Card Processing 5% of Total
Property Management

Property managed by:
Ebmg 250px take2
All building information and documentation provided by property management.
Total Fees: 25
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